Sounddogs Desktop App


-Does the App include the same libraries and content that website?

No, it doesn't. The website and the app offer different content.
The app includes all the libraries owned by Sounddogs, Inc., while the website distributes also 3rd party Libraries.

The libraries included in the Desktop App are:

SDC - Sound Effects Library
Sounddogs Hollywood
Soundelux - Category Library
Soundelux - DX Library
Soundelux - Soundone Library
Soundelux - Todd AO Library
Soundelux - VR Library
Soundstorm SST
Coll Anderson
Resul Pookutty's India Collection
George Watters II Sound Collection
Matt Temple
Nick Adams
Paul Pirola FX
Craig Heninghan
DogCom Music
French Recording from France
Anarchist Cookbook
Master's Workshop
Sean Garnhart

-What are the differences between the licenses?

Free version: it will work as a search engine and management tool for your local sound effects libraries. You will still be able to explore and preview our cloud libraries but with a low resolution audio quality
Subscription version: Online access to download more than 324,000 high-quality and full metadata sound files. The previews have a better quality than the free version previews. You will also be able to use the Local mode. Subscription can be used in with three different type of licenses:

REGULAR license: $200 per user - 2,000 downloads/year (monthly average download: 167 SFXs)
PRO license: $500 per user - 5,000 downloads/year (monthly average download: 417 SFXs)
PREMIERE license: $1000 per user - 10,000 downloads/year (monthly average download: 834 SFXs)

-Is the preview the maximum quality sound?

No, Previews are a very low quality version of the original sound. Please note that when the app is used in Subscription mode, the previews have a better quality than Free mode previews. All downloaded files will be high quality audio.

-Can several people be signed in as the same user?

A Subscriber user can only be signed in to one computer at the time.

-Can I use my license in different computers?

Yes. You will need to deactivate the license in the current computer from Help-->License-->Deactivate. Then you will be able to activate the license in a different computer.

-Are mp3 files accepted for local libraries?

No, the application only support WAV files

-What are the differences between Cloud and Local library?

Cloud library: includes all Sounddogs libraries.
Local libraries: are created with local files stored on your computer or external devices

-Do the downloaded files have full metadata?

Yes, all the downloaded files will keep full metadata


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